Correlator3D UAV Workflow

Fast Post-Processing

The use of UAVs for mapping has dramatically altered expectations for post-processing times.  Projects are often flown in the morning, while results are required in the afternoon.  Correlator3D™ UAV allows such turnarounds.

Instead of simply validating data in the field, users can complete processing before even leaving the site.  Projects consisting of hundreds of images can be processed within minutes, while thousands of photos can be done in hours only, on a single standard PC.

Unlimited Number of Images

Correlator3D™ UAV can input an unlimited number of images at once and seamlessly scale to large projects.  Augmenting the number of photos does not require additional hardware.

The following tables present a typical UAV project and associated processing times.

Sample Project

Number of Images 300
Image GSD 5 cm
Frame Size 20 MP
DEM Resolution 25 cm
Orthomosaic Resolution 5 cm
Number of PCs 1

Processing Time

Aerial Triangulation 8 min
DSM 52 min
DTM 0.5 min
Orthophotos 6 min
Orthomosaic 20 min
Total 1.4 hour

Simple is Powerful

Correlator3D™ UAV users range from neophytes to experienced users.  Most projects can be completed with an automated workflow, which does not require any human intervention.  If needed, it is also possible to control all steps of processing through an intuitive interface.  Users can perform quality control of both input data and results, and specify the characteristics of desired outputs.

Moreover, Correlator3D™ features manual editing tools to alter results according to specific application requirements.  These include the following:

  • Tie point editing
  • DSM / DTM editing
  • Mosaic / seamline editing

For advanced users, Correlator3D™ has a script mode to fully automate processing tasks.  This allows for batch processing through simple script files consisting of instructions that the software performs sequentially.  These scripts can also be executed through a command line interface.