Processing aerial projects is a difficult task due to the sheer number of frames and their large size. For example, datasets can have over 20,000 images, with each image being over 250 megapixels large. This represents over 15 TB of data. Naturally, one of the most important challenges is to crunch such massive data volumes in a timely and efficient manner without compromising quality.

Using GPU technology and multi-core CPUs, SimActive’s Correlator3D™ software ensures matchless processing power to support rapid production of large datasets. High quality of results is delivered through a patented technology utilizing advanced computer vision algorithms. Correlator3D™ performs aerial triangulation (AT) and produces dense digital surface models (DSM), digital terrain models (DTM), point clouds, orthomosaics and vectorized 3D features.

Correlator3D™ supported sensors include frame-based cameras and push broom systems such as the following:

  • Microsoft UltraCam
  • Intergraph Z/I DMC
  • ADS80
  • VM A3
  • RCD30
  • Phase One
  • Optech CS
  • Multi-camera setups, including obliques
  • Scanned films

The following tables present a typical large-format camera project and associated processing times.

Sample Project

Number of Images 1,000
Image GSD 20 cm
Frame Size 150 MP
DEM Resolution 60 cm
Orthomosaic Resolution 20 cm
Number of PCs 1

Processing Time

Aerial Triangulation 2.1 hours
DSM 36 hours
DTM 0.3 hours
Orthophotos 3.2 hours
Orthomosaic 8 hours
Total 49.6 hours