There are multiple challenges associated with processing imagery acquired using a UAV. UAV imagery is typically collected within a couple of hours, with a high number of images at very high resolutions (e.g. 1cm GSD). Such a collection rate necessitates quick image processing, with the expected time to be generally within the same day or week. Also, UAVs are notorious for lowercamera quality compared to traditional large format systems. Another important issue is the generation of precise orientation data (position & attitude of sensor), often from rough GPS estimates only. Deriving these is a key factor in generating any subsequent accurate geospatial products.

SimActive’sCorrelator3D™ brings the precision of large format camera photogrammetry to UAV mapping.  Benefitting from the same software interface as satellite and aerial imagery, Correlator3D™processes UAV projects at unparalleled speeds.  For more information on UAV processing with Correlator3D™, please visit the Correlator3D™ UAV section.