Modules and Tools

Processing Modules

Aerial Triangulation

  • Fully automated process for adjusting exterior orientation data
  • Option for camera and boresight calibration
  • Fast automatic tie point extraction using the GPU
  • Multi-core CPU based bundle adjustment
  • Highly robust and accurate results with detailed quality reports
  • Ground control points (GCP) can be imported to ensure accuracy

Tie Point Editing

  • Allows visual inspection and editing of automatically generated tie points
  • Provides advanced tools to add tie points between images
  • Includes a predictor to facilitate feature selection
  • Useful for projects with insufficient overlap or poor image quality

DSM Generation

  • Dense digital surface models (DSM) and point clouds generated from stereo imagery
  • Patented technology based on advanced computer vision algorithms utilizing 3D graphics cards to accelerate processing
  • Images are processed on a pair-by-pair basis significantly reducing memory/system requirements and eliminating project size constraints
  • DSM / point cloud results from individual image pairs are automatically merged to improve overall data quality and allow parallel processing on multiple PCs
  • 3D constraints (e.g. points, vectors and polygons) can be imported as Shapefiles or DGN files to force particular elevation values in final DSMs such as water bodies (optional input)

DTM Extraction

  • Automatic filtering of DSMs to extract digital terrain models (DTM)
  • Unique algorithms that identify 3D features, remove associated elevation points and interpolate from neighboring regions for filling removed areas
  • Capability to export DSM features removed during DTM extraction
  • 3D constraints (e.g. points, vectors and polygons) can be imported as Shapefiles or DGN to force particular elevation values in the final DTM

DEM Editing

  • Features powerful monoscopic editing functions to alter DEMs according to specific user requirements
  • Provides highly intuitive user interface to visually interact with elevation data and specify polygonal selections
  • Supports several operations including crop/delete, set/offset elevation values and filter regions
  • Advanced “Delete and Fill” function for deleting elevation points and filling resulting gaps


  • Very fast production of individual orthorectified images
  • When used in conjunction with other Correlator3D™ modules, horizontal accuracies of final orthophotos are of less than a pixel

Mosaic Creation

  • Fully automated merging of unlimited individual orthorectified images for the generation of mosaics
  • Final mosaics featuring smooth and seamless transitions between adjacent images
  • Based on advanced algorithms for local intensity adjustments and automatic generation of seamlines
  • Color balancing option that includes brightness / contrast adjustments of each image, inter-image equalization, independent channel analysis for hue equalization and photometric constraints to maintain global information of brightness, contrast and hue
  • Capability for automatic tiling or for importing tile definition files

Mosaic Editing

  • Allows simultaneous multi-user seamline modifications through a highly intuitive visual interface
  • Real-time updating of final mosaic during modifications
  • Smooth interaction with data
  • Minimum number of manual operations required, significantly increasing overall productivity

Feature Extraction

  • Semi-automatic creation of 3D polygons from photogrammetric / LiDAR DSMs describing buildings, roads, waterbodies and forests
  • 3D information is automatically extracted by intelligent analysis of the elevation data as the user adds feature details
  • Real-time true orthos generated on-the-fly
  • Provides an intuitive interface with simple click-and-drag commands
  • Features an automatic contour detection tool

Additional tools

Point Cloud Colorization

  • Automatically determines correspondence between 3D points and orthomosaic pixels
  • Outputs colorized point cloud in LAS format

NDVI Map Creation

  • Exports mosaics as an NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) map
  • Allows specifying color map to be used, number of classes and bounds of the index


  • Measures a volume over a user-specified selection and a reference elevation
  • Includes different types of reference elevations such as interpolate at boundary or fixed elevation
  • Calculates volume between reference and the terrain above / below, terrain area and orthogonal area

Script Mode & Command Line Interface

  • Batch processing facility for advanced users desiring to fully automate their processing tasks
  • Only requires a simple text file as input, containing a series of instructions that the software executes sequentially

DEM Merging

  • Allows combining DSM or DTM results that were created separately
  • Essential for users who wish to process a project in multiple parts (e.g. at different times or in parallel on multiple machines)

3D Change Detection

  • Based on a robust approach that compares DEMs instead of images
  • Performs a comparative analysis and determines the importance of changes in 3D
  • Results outputted as a DEM corresponding to the differences in elevation between the two input DEMs
  • Capability to display detected changes as color information superimposed on a mosaic of orthophotos

DEM Contour Extraction

  • Generates equally spaced contour lines from DEMs
  • Allows specifying an interval and an offset

DEM Inspection

  • Generates statistics about the quality of a DEM against reference data, including bias error, standard deviation, RMS error and maximum error

Fiducial Detection

  • Automatic tool for detecting fiducials in traditional scanned films
  • Quickly extracts the position of marks, which are necessary for film processing

DEM Visualization & Profiles

  • Highly intuitive tool to visualize DEMs, including real-time zooming and panning capabilities
  • Features different visualization modes and styles such as color / greyscale, DEM shading and color stretching
  • Includes a profile tool for generating and exporting vertical profiles of DEMs over user-specified paths