Managing Large Corridor Projects Using Distributed Processing

Thirty thousand miles of corridor mapping is a big project. And when it concerns vital asset infrastructure, then it becomes even more challenging. Not many companies can handle this type of project, but Sharper Shape thrives on these with a core set of AI tools and machine learning within their Sharper Circle software environment. A key component when working on this type of project is the imagery and Sharper Shape relies on Correlator3D. SimActive’s software ability to operate in a cloud-based environment with distributed processing is critical at this scale. This webinar will show how higher-end software such Correlator3D™ can facilitate large-scale corridor mapping projects, which can then be used to support many utility asset outputs.

Eric Andelin

Hosted by Eric Andelin
Senior Workflow Specialist
at SimActive

Petri Rauhakallio

Petri Rauhakallio,
VP Business Development
at Sharper Shape

💡Specifically, attendees will learn:

  • Challenges in managing large corridor mapping projects
  • Running Correlator3D in the cloud
  • Advantages of distributed processing
  • Time savings with scripting
Managing Large Corridor Projects Using Distributed Processing

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