Increasing Productivity with New Correlator3D Version 9.1


Hosted by Eric Andelin
Senior Workflow Specialist at SimActive

Thomas Barucchi

With guest speaker Thomas Barucchi
Photogrammetry Specialist at SimActive


Our photogrammetry specialist Thomas Barucchi and I will review the latest updates to Correlator3D. The new version 9.1 is packed with several features our customers have been waiting for. They include productivity enhancements as well as the support of some of the latest sensors. This training session will discuss these new features and how they can be used to improve and facilitate photogrammetric workflows.

💡Specifically, attendees will learn about the following:

  • Managing multiple LAS files
  • Setting up email notifications to monitor processing
  • Processing imagery from the new Red Edge P sensor
  • Importing data from the Pléiades Neo satellite

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