3 Ways to Speed Up Photogrammetry


September 14th, 2023

3 Ways to Speed Up Photogrammetry

With guest speaker Don Cummins, President at Air Data Solutions.


For aerial mapping companies that are always on the go with fleets of aircraft as well as drones flying in different locations, the efficient use of platforms and sensors is paramount. As data is collected, the next step is to maximize the use of image processing software to create the deliverables for a wide variety of clients.

How do aerial mapping professionals choose the right platform and sensor to rapidly and cost-effectively capture data for specific mapping projects? And further, how is data captured to ensure the processing workflow is optimized for efficient processing of the data? Capitalizing on the use of industry-leading photogrammetry software such as Correlator3D allows Air Data Solutions to meet client deadlines continuously. Don Cummins, the President of that innovative aerial photography and mapping company based in Louisiana, joins us to offer his insights.  

💡Specifically, attendees will learn about the following:

  • Selecting platforms and sensors to best match projects

  • Mission planning for efficient data collection

  • Setting up projects in Correlator3D and validating input data

  • Doubling DSM and point cloud processing speeds with new version 10.1