Cameras on Drones and Aircraft: Is Bigger Always Better?


August 17th, 2023

Cameras on Drones and Aircraft: Is Bigger Always Better?

With guest speaker Kevin Graville, System Sales Manager at Phase One.


Aerial photography continues to thrive as a tool for mapping in spite of alternatives such as Lidar. Pictures can be collected using relatively low-cost cameras and converted to mapping products through photogrammetry.  It doesn’t matter if the camera is attached to a drone or an aircraft: the post-processing remains similar. However, the type of camera, its size in megapixels, body and lens quality all play a part in the quality of the mapping deliverables. So this begs the question: what camera is best for a given project? What is the optimal sensor size to get the desired results?

Kevin Graville from Phase One, a leading company in the development of mapping cameras, joins our host Eric Andelin to discuss how camera size impacts mapping projects.   


💡Specifically, attendees will learn about the following:


  • Analyzing the different camera types and sizes available

  • Understanding the factors affecting camera quality

  •  Selecting a camera for photogrammetry

  • Processing data from any camera with Correlator3D