Why am I getting the message "Unable to access sentinel run-time environment (H0033)"?

Installation and Licensing

This message means that there is a communication error between Correlator3D and the license manager installed locally (called "Sentinel Runtime Environment"). Reasons may include the license runtime environment (RTE) not installed properly, a personal firewall software blocking communication with the run-time environment (RTE), or another software using the same port that the RTE uses (port 1947).

To fix the error, you should try the following:

1. Open a web browser and connect to http://localhost:1947 which will give the status of the RTE. If it is not possible to connect to this page, start "Reset License Environment" from the Windows Start menu, under SimActive, and start the software again.

2. Check your personal firewall software. There are many types of personal firewall software including Norton Internet Security (the Firewall is one component of this software), Zonealarm and others. By default, most personal firewall software will request permission to allow access for the RTE the first time it is run. If access is allowed, there will be no problem. However, if access is denied, then you will encounter communication problems. To resolve such problems, either disable the Firewall completely (note: this option has risks, contact your firewall vendor for details) or create a rule/exception in the firewall to allow the RTE (if there is an option to create a rule/exception based on a port number, allow port 1947)

3. Check that there is no other application that uses the RTE registered port (Port 1947). If you find such a program, disable it and run the HASP application again. To check which service uses port 1947, do the following:

- Open a command prompt.

- Type: CDocuments and Settingsuame>netstat -a -b

- Right-Click --> Find --> 1947

- Check if 'hasplms.exe' is the only application using port 1947.


4. In Brazil, a software commonly used for online banking (Warsaw from GAS Technologia) might be causing this issue as it prevents most software tools from using internal ports. Uninstalling this software solves the problem.