Mining Site Monitoring Using Drones


July 20th, 2023

Mining Site Monitoring Using Drones

With guest speaker Tim Whiteside, Senior Research Scientist at Government of Australia Department of Climate Change, Energy the Environment and Water (DCCEEW).


The Ranger Uranium Mine was a uranium mine in the Northern Territory of Australia. The site is surrounded by, but separate from Kakadu National Park, 230 km east of Darwin. Tim Whiteside and his team of scientists are monitoring the remediation of this mine using various tools and techniques. Drones are among these tools, collecting imagery of not only the mine, but multiple sites within the park boundary to ensure the clean-up is going according to plan and not adversely affecting the environment within the surrounding park boundary. Join Eric and Tim as they discuss how drones and imagery play such an essential role in this project. 


💡Specifically, attendees will learn about the following:


  • Flying a drone over a mining site

  • Vetting the resulting imagery and accuracy

  • Producing base map products with Correlator3D

  • Analyzing geospatial data to monitor the site