• All images must be acquired by a drone with a camera of 61 megapixels or less.
  • A maximum of 500 images per block purchased can be processed.
  • Each block must be continuous in nature and consist of adjacent images only.
  • Manual tagging is performed on a maximum of 10 GCPs per project.
  • Results will be delivered in the GeoTIFF, OBJ and pdf formats.
  • Relative accuracy of results is dependent on input data quality.
  • Absolute accuracy of results is dependent on the number of GCPs provided and their distribution across the project.
  • Since the overall quality of results are highly dependent on input data, SimActive cannot provide any warranty on the final accuracy of deliverables.
  • SimActive keeps the right to refuse a dataset, in whole or in part, should the quality not meet standard photogrammetric requirements. No refunds will be provided in such cases.
  • Typical processing time is three (3) business days for projects of up to 500 images. For larger projects, SimActive can provide a time estimate prior to start.
  • The provided input data and results will be treated confidentially, only accessed by SimActive employees and deleted upon request after project completion.

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