Customizing Your Multispectral Data Processing Workflow


July 8th, 2020

Customizing Your Multispectral Data Processing Workflow

With guest speaker Emily Ciesielski, Channel Sales Manager at MicaSense. 


SimActive’s recent release of Correlator3D version 8.5 opens the door for this software to be used as a robust solution for vegetation health mapping. New tools for the calibration and processing of multispectral imagery enable Correlator3D to handle data from any MicaSense sensor.


💡With this webinar recording you will learn how to:


  • Review individual captures after the bands have been aligned, including ability to change color composite view of those captures (i.e., RGB, CIR)
  • Customize and save workflow settings, for streamlined processing
  • Easily switch between DSM and DTM generation, depending on the application
  • Garner full use of the lighting calibration tools offered with MicaSense sensors, to ensure properly radiometrically calibrated data
  • Harness the processing power of a desktop solution, while maintaining the ease of data sharing available through the cloud. Results can be exported to the cloud directly from the software interface, and shareable links are automatically created for online visualization.