Using LiDAR to enhance photogrammetric workflows


January 27th, 2022

Using LiDAR to enhance photogrammetric workflows

With guest speaker Bradley Kruse, UAV Specialist at ISG Inc.


Bradley Kruse, manages a team of geospatial technicians and surveyors. ISG was an early adopter lidar acquisition with drones. Flying various projects almost every day leaves his team with very little time to waste before heading off again on the next mission. In the office, lidar is processed in the manufacturer's proprietary software and prepared for data extraction. Then, imagery is processed in Correlator3D and as part of that workflow, the lidar data is imported as both a surface and image to support faster processing. This training session will discuss the exploitation of lidar data in Correlator3D as an alternate workflow.

💡Specifically, attendees will learn about the following:


  • Setting up a photogrammetric project
  • Importing a lidar DEM and intensity image
  • Using lidar as supplemental control
  • Colorizing point clouds